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being risky

risks are a part of the process, the growth, the evolution. to avoid them is to avoid the danger that is life itself, in its most raw, wild and exhilarating form. anything else is just existing, a meager, unfulfilling existence. embrace it is to embrace everything this life has to offer, the lessons, the challenges, the defeats and the victories. the questions that you should be asking yourself only arise in these kinds of contexts: are you moral? are you fair? the risk that you are taking, is it life giving or is it silly, unfulfilling, a waste of the time you have to do great things? is it also a risk that is unique and inspiring, purpose driven or is it run of the mill and destructive?

women and girls, we  need the risks of life a la brad pitt in fight club, just as much as men do. we need the grit and adrenalin rush, the sweat and compromise that make us too feel alive. the more competitive, the better.

so often, we are portrayed as homemakers and careful and thoughtful givers, attentive makers of the next generation. as amazing as that is, there are other things that make a girl's heart flutter.

risk is an adventure and we love it. we love the uncertainty, the exposure. the peril ignites us. we revel in the fear. we breathe in deeply the potential to win...or lose...on the other side. it's in the dna.

what's the risk in your life? what is one you have been contemplating for so long? is it starting a brand? skydiving? is it a creative risk? a seemingly impossible feat? is it traveling to unfamiliar places with languages you don't understand? auditioning for a role? or one of many other things that only you can articulate for yourself..

whatever it is, let the passion and the purpose take you. that's where real life for a girl is. 

talk to you soon. 💋



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