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to get what you have always gotten.  This brings me to my point about a luxury woman and a luxury girl.  She is adaptable, unpredictable...and therefore dangerous.  These are some of her most salient characteristics.  They define her, guide her, support her goals, inform her moves, encapsulate all that it is to be her.  

She will not go left if she does not want to, if you expect her to, if you ask.  It simply does not work that way.  That is, her ability to adapt stems from her ability to follow religiously that mysterious force called her instinct.  That instinct is ever moving, ever changing with circumstances, giving her true life, incredible depth, undefinable and abundant character that allows her to flow, drawing her own particular and deliberate course, specific to her needs, wants and goals.  It is more than a little attractive.  Because it can never be harnessed or controlled, it is full blown sexy.

Does it mean that she does not have her own personality, since she changes so much?  In fact, that is her personality.  Change.  Movement.  Fluidity.  Emotional intelligence.  Possibility.  It all means that nothing is inaccessible to this woman, this girl.  It is all available to her. 

If she wants it for herself, whatever it is, she figures out how to get it, her way, beautifully, effortlessly, smoothly.  Never to hurt someone else, the things she wants have the purpose of uplifting her, bettering her, simply making her happy.  It is an expression of her, an indication of who she is.  Driving all night for her favorite pancakes, spontaneously rescuing the puppy from a rescue set up in the parking lot of Whole Foods Beverly Hills, buying herself whatever she wants from Barneys, it's natural movement.  

What that fluidity means for each luxury woman and girl varies.  It is particular, possibly peculiar.  It is Beyonce, a surprise album and the Louvre...because she felt like it, really felt like it, no explanation ever offered.  It is Rihanna, Nicole Trunfio, Maya Angelou.  The beauty and art that an unpredictable life of an unpredictable woman can produce is immeasurable.  It is a higher lever, an evolution, an unparalleled and luxurious existence.  That kind of life and that kind of woman and girl deserves its and their own jewelry and anything else she desires, whenever she desires it...

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