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Don't be so hard on yourself

We ladies tend to be so hard on ourselves, so cripplingly hard.  We take issue with our own shape, our weight, our breasts, our hair and everything in between, all the time.  

Nothing is ever good enough.

Conversely, we almost never take the time to appreciate our smile or personality or our legs or eyes.  We never tell ourselves nice things.  

We leave that to some guy, any guy.  In so doing, we leave ourselves with nothing real and solid to depend on, to support us in an unpredictable and, at times, confusing world. 

This is the classic definition of powerlessness.  And, people can sense it because we give it off as if we sprayed it on ourselves from our favorite bottle of perfume (Oud Byredo) in the morning.  

The next effect is that people begin to treat us as powerless, as not worthy or deserving, all because we could not take the time to do right by ourselves first.

But, now we should understand that the foundation of power then comes from self-love.  

It comes from loving our eyes, skin color, height, hair, without equivocation.  In other words, just because.  

We love ourselves just because...  

Just because we should.  Just because we don't need anyone else to give compliments, although we are gracious in accepting them.

Just because we must if we want power.  So, ladies, let's stop being hard on ourselves and love hard on ourselves until all the doubt is replaced by power.

Tell yourself wonderful things every morning. Take yourself out to lunch.  Give more to yourself than others.

Commit to self-love.  Commit to power.



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