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Every Girl's Dream

For hundreds of years, every girl's dream has been portrayed on t.v. shows, commercials and ads as marriage, a husband and a house in the suburbs. 

So.  Okay.  That is one dream.  And, it is perfect.  But, it is not the only perfect one and a girl will not allow limits on her limitlessness, that potential that defines her more than  anything else, not from individuals who collectively make up the media, not from family, friends, not from partners.  

She accepts it from no one, including and especially herself.

And why should she?  Accomplishments, real accomplishments, and self-expression are in her dna.  Emotional intelligence, the ability to come back from the inevitable setbacks in life, the untarnished outlook on life and possibilities...are in her dna.  

But, there will be pressure, jealousy.  There always is, from friends, strangers, family and lovers.  It is to be expected, anticipated.  And, true to who she is, she does. 

It does not, however,  change the trajectory.  Whatever she is pursuing has to be accomplished, realized, materialized, come what may. 

Those with her are with her.  She will seek out more of her kind.  Those who are against her, for reasons as diverse as human beings are, she will compartmentalize, sort out, leave behind.

Anything in service to living her best, most fulfilling life, she will do, with no apologies, as well she should...because a girl's got more than one dream. 👓


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