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Go start something now.  Start an architecture firm.  Start a newspaper.  Start a coding firm.  Start a math club, a chess club, a fight club.  

Well, maybe not a fight club but go out and start a fight.  A real fight.  Fight the status quo.   Fight your fears.  Fight public opinion, if public opinion affects you, and do something unexpected.  

Go start a real life, a life full of risks and opportunities you create for yourself and failures and successes.

To live a powerful life, it is my firm belief that you have to go start something, something that scares you.  And, full disclosure, in starting something, you will make enemies, real enemies.  

Not the fake, petty enemy we see girls on television make, like the girl who tries to steal your boyfriend or best friend, replace you, outdo you in yoga class, or be you.  

I am talking about real enemies.  They are those people who will steal your business ideas, attempt to trick you into giving them a part of the company you are building, bad mouth you or prevent you from succeeding in a myriad of other ways.

But, wait...  These are the good enemies. Because, if you truly went out and started something real, those enemies will only push you to learn and discover creative, effective ways to win, to beat them while developing those skills that will be invaluable for the next enemy that comes along.  

In truth, enemies are sexy in this way.  That is, their attempts at messing with you are making you hotter and hotter as you adapt and morph as needed Atomic Blonde, Brunette, Red Head or Bald beauty.

They make the stakes higher and challenge you to deal with the inevitable "haters' you will meet when you take a risk.  And, each situation takes a different approach that you must figure win. It's a beautiful thing.  

A cutthroat, powerful girl who has learned through trial upon trial to protect her work while brazenly pushing forward with that work is a sight to behold.  Thank your enemies for encouraging you to sharpen your sword, to train, to develop.  You could not have done it without them.

So, go start a fight, why don't you...  I want to see fighting...  😈


Until next time, loves...  Have a risk-filled week.



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