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I know you know this...

Go To Post     I know you know this but when you are unapologetically and completely yourself, you are a magnet. Heaven and earth move to see you be you. You are the light that lights the way. You are undeniable and you are also contagious. Who doesn't want to be more herself when around someone who totally embodies who she is and what she loves to do? So often, we, ladies, don't know our power...but when we do, it's like whoa.. This is Maria. A brilliant legal mind, an entrepreneur/influencer, a friend to me and the brand, so many more things we will all discover and this.. All done her way, with individuality, focus and grace. A woman who can do anything. Congratulating her. Congratulating all of you for being you too. She also happens to be previewing in this video what's next at SEBR. Stay connected for major changes at the brand and our next collection that I'm incredibly excited about. Let's do this and happy Monday. 👸🏿👸🏽


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