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If you are waiting for Friday, 5:00 p.m., summer or the next vacation...

something is not quite right.  You are not happy.  Your job is not fulfilling you.  How you are living is making you feel lifeless.

Therefore, you wait.  

You wait for Friday to go wild.

You wait for 5:00 p.m. to escape the job.  

You wait for summer to go outside.

You wait for the next vacation to go somewhere else and do nothing still, in a different locale.

Ultimately, you are bored and you're distracting yourself, waiting to live.  

This is not powerful and it is not what the powerful do.  In fact, for the powerful, it is impossible to live this way.

But, here is the good, no the great, news.  Any moment is the right moment to discover your passion, to start experimenting, to take risks and push your limits for real, to live the life you are meant to live.

Any moment is the moment to become powerful.

But here is the catch.  You have to be willing to make other people unhappy.  You have to be willing to make enemies.  And, not just of people.

You have to be willing to make enemies with mediocrity, with "comfort".  

And, what is so interesting about making enemies with "comfort" is that you already are.  That is why you try to escape it every day.  There is already a struggle going on.

But, what you are really longing for is...a fight, excitement, danger, risk.  That comes with not doing what people tell you to do or expect of you, be it family or friends.

And, unfortunately, 9 times out of 10, your family and friends will want you to stay "comfortable" and mediocre, if you have been, because it is just not powerful and it is not threatening to their sense of themselves and what they have done with their lives.

So, the real danger in today's world is living your truth.  It is so hard because of the obstacles that will come but it is easy because it will be your natural state.  You will be at your most powerful, which is the state you were born to live in and explore.

While others will not believe in you because they do not believe in themselves, you have the privilege of believing in yourself.  This is the seat of power.  So few possess it.  But, you can.

From there, you chase your life every day.  It is exciting, exhilirating, passion-filled.  It is full of drama and enemies and the product that you thought up in your own head and brought to life through your own creativity and ingenuity.

It is the concept that no one had, but you, that you forced the world to recognize and reckon with.  

It is the social media campaign you build with patience and determination as you learn everything you need to do to create your legacy.

It is the people that you make bend to your will using strategy and war tactics straight out of a Robert Greene book.  It is the relentless hustle that no one else can match.

Are you running away from this new life, waiting for 5:00 p.m., summer, Friday or a trip to Mexico to lie on the beach and do what whales do when they wash up there?  

I will bet you any amount of money (and I don't bet) that the answer is no because once you have tasted true power, the feeling will have the opposite effect on you.

That is, you will come to despise 5:00 p.m., vacations, Friday or anything that has the potential to slow down your journey to ever greater self-discovery and power.  

So, go.  Live your truth.  Stand up to who you need to stand up to to recover your voice.  

Go be powerful.  You only have one life, as far as we know...  


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