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If you want to be the hero of your story like Wonder Woman...

you have to go out and create a story first...

I recently read comments made by women in the comments section of online Elle Magazine's discussion and review of Wonder Woman.  Universally, women described having tears in their eyes while watching the film.  Why?

Because they were shocked to see such a powerful woman.  Her control over her life was captivating, inspiring, emotional...and unattainable.'s not unattainable.

To have a Wonder Woman real life, you must create a compelling story, full of adventure and intrigue and bad people to slay. Remember, though, one of those bad people might be you.

Do you not ask for the salary you want?  Then stop crying over Wonder Woman and go do it (after you do the research, practice and practice some more).  Be your own modern day hero.  No one is stopping you.

Have you not started a business because you are afraid of challenges and rejection and risk?  There's a gigantic monster to slay.  Ask for help, make the arrangements for a period of extreme sacrifice and growth, prepare to fight (cause it can get ugly), take a breath, then jump.  

Are you spending or wasting time on a man not at your level?  If you still haven't done it, you know what to do.

Ladies, when you start living fully, you are going to have to be Wonder Woman and use your magic bracelets to fend off the "haters" in the crowd. Do it.  

You may have to create that truth-inducing lasso skill to figure out and disarm the liars and manipulators in your midst, on your way to your success story.  Create it.

You will have to show super human strength in waiting for just the right moment to make a move or in forcefully pushing ahead, naysayers be damned.  That's a sexy, tear-inducing story to live and be the hero of.

So, whatever you choose to do in this life, you are Wonder Woman.  No need to cry because you haven't seen that type of woman before. You just need to bring start spinning and bring her out...for good and forever...because she is you.  And you are powerful.



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