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it is unforgivable

it's inexplicable. incomprehensible. perhaps even unforgivable.

if a woman has everything given to her, the opportunity to be well taken care of, well kept, as she has been, the constant kindness and attention of strangers, love, luxury, why would she choose something other than that, for a time? why would she choose sacrifice and struggle, even temporary isolation? and to what end?

women have always been powerful beings, hunters, warriors, rainmakers. from begum samru, a mercenary captain in the 1800's in india to juana azurduy de padilla, a rebel who fought against spanish rule and control over the latin american colonies in argentina, to cathy williams, the first african american woman known to have served in the u.s. army, the history of women has been replete with stories of adventure, and daring and unimaginable bravado. it is in our blood. it is our dna. it is our birthright. therefore, anything less than pursuing her most difficult challenges is a veritable waste of an exceptional life.

and, if a woman is lucky or unlucky enough to have so much handed to her in life because of looks or personality or all of the above, let her go out and find the struggle that will allow her to grow and build and bring something authentic and real to the world. it is the least she can do with all she has been given, an offering to the world and herself.

and there will be those women who pretend to forget the struggle that got them to another place in their lives. they will forget the hardships that stamp any ascent. they will have lost sight of the true meaning and greatness of being a woman. in so doing, they will have lost the greater battle of life which is to have meaning in womanhood, more and more as one moves along.

yes, it is unforgivable. it is indeed unforgivable, especially if you are given everything, things that many others would do reprehensible things for. it is unforgivable to sit as a lioness and allow the meat to be thrown to you in place of hunting, hunting a meaningful life.

when you do this, when you do the admirable, and risk it all for the unseeable and unknowable, out of a supreme belief in yourself and your abilities, you're not arrogant or pompous...but you should be.

see you soon. 💋🖤


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