The Brand

It's what powerful girls do.

They choose themselves.  Every time.  

So many, too many, people out in the world and in our immediate lives expect us to choose them.  They want us to set aside our wants, our desires, our dreams and goals, to choose theirs. 

Don't do it.  Choosing others over yourself is the fastest path to being walked all over, disrespected, mistreated.  

This is true no matter who it is.  It could be a boss, friends, family, a boyfriend or husband, even a child.  The principle is universal and should be universally applied.

So, think, really think, next time about anything you are asked to do and by whom. Then, really decide if it really works for you to do it, if it benefits you, and does not compromise you in any way.

If it works, great.

If it doesn't, walk away.  Find the language. "This is not going to work for me." "I am going to think about it and let you know if I will." "I don't think so." "No, I won't".

Notice none of those potential responses include the words "I'm sorry".  Never apologize for choosing yourself.  

But do choose yourself...every time.

It's what powerful girls do...

Til we meet again...  🌻💋


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