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excuse me but you've hit my limit...

we, us girls, all have boundaries. at least, we all should have boundaries. what is a boundary? it's the drawing of the line in the sand, the "do not proceed past this point" mark, the limit. and, because every girl has experienced the feeling (a knot, a nauseous feeling, that discomfort) her gut has given her in any particular situation where a line is being crossed, we all know what I am talking about. 

so, now is the time to shore up those limits. reinforce them. respect them, no matter what. whether it's not tolerating anyone using derogatory nicknames when referring to you that you don't like or appreciate to any type of violence, emotional (which includes yelling, screaming, throwing things and name calling) or absolutely anything physical, now is the time to reassert them.

summer is coming and too much fun, freedom and blissful abandon is about to happen. but, moving past your red line does not feature in any of those things. so, protect your "stop", your "no", your "forbidden zone" at all costs. you are too precious and if you don't, no one will. we can't have that. 

see you soon. 🖤🐩



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