The Brand

Look to your ūüĎą and to your ūüĎČ.

...What do you see?  Rather, who do you see? Are the people you surround yourself with going where you are going?  Are they already there?

Or, are they going in a completely different direction, going nowhere near where you plan to be?  

Take notice.  Pay attention.

Why?  Because this is the single most important item in determining your success, who you surround yourself with.

I knew someone once who had all the potential in the world.  Everything a person could ask for to succeed, this person had.

Except, he did not have the will to win.  Not at all.  

No matter how close you are to the person, this is bad news.  The worst.

For me, it was a dealbreaker because I did have the will to win and do right now.  So, I could and would not allow someone else to drag me down.  

Inevitably it would happen.  He could not become like me so it was me who would have to become like him.  

Birds of a feather flock together, as they say. It always ends up that way.

But, I had a choice that I was very well aware of and so do you.  Either stay, be bored with someone who refuses to grow or who simply cannot grow or become powerful...and die inside by doing so...or leave and continue to grow and attract and seek out people who are growing like you and living their dreams and encouraging you to live yours.

This is not even a choice, is it?  It wasn't for me.  

Right now, when I look to my right and left, I see powerful people, movers and shakers, hustlers born.  I am a better, more powerful girl for it.

When you look to your left and to your right, who do you see?

Til next time... ¬†ūüíč


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