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Power is every day.

Ladies, forget what you have heard about power. Forget what you have seen on t.v.

Forget the cliches. They do not come close to the real thing.  

Real power is better and worse.  It is exhilirating like going up a roller coaster and scary like the drop from the top.

It is subtle at times like the gestures and silence and never coming back or walking out that speaks volumes.  It is making sure you were understood properly.  

It is getting what you want, by this means or that.  But, most importantly, ladies, power is about engaging, without even considering wanting to be nice or needing to be liked.  

It is taking the first steps and getting in the ring. It is putting yourself out there and testing yourself, going to your limits, fighting the good fight while dressed like a doll or a princess or an engineer, mathematician or entrepreneur, in streetwear or a gown.  

Make no mistake. Power is an every day thing, not just for special occasions. Everyday is the practice and the pressure making the diamond.  

So go and engage ladies.  Ask for what you want or take it. Practice makes perfect.  🌹🌹🌹

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