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Power is not cliché.

When most people think of being powerful, they think it is about finally being rude to people everywhere they go because they are important or they think it is dismissing people just because they can.  

They see that on television and cannot wait to do it themselves.  But, it is a rookie mistake to copy that behavior.  

That is because those are the ways of the insecure, some of whom may happen to have power.  It is not powerful.  The truly powerful can spot that poser immediately.

Truly powerful women, secure women, know power is about saying exactly what needs to be said, at the right time, in the right way.  

It is about being so respectful to yourself that you do not disrespect yourself by disrespecting others.  It is about finding ways to make every moment yours, maybe without anyone noticing.  

It is many things but insecure it is not.  It could not be or else it would not be truly powerful.  It would be momentary power.  

No one wants that when being powerful is the true power, which lasts forever.



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