The Brand

a victim.  Not a bitch but a villain. 

One is interesting, infinitely more interesting, than the other.  One is actual power while the other poses as power.  Although, I will say that either is far better than being a victim.

Why would anyone choose to be a victim, you may wonder?  The answer is that many ladies do not consciously choose victimhood. 

Victimhood hides behind "wanting to be nice", "not wanting to cause conflict" and "feeling afraid of consequences for speaking up".  So, we choose silence and allow others to do as they wish. 

We choose victimhood.  

This is the epitome of the absence of power or powerlessness.  We must choose differently in order to live our best lives. 

We must choose to be a villain.

Villains are the best.  Name any group of villains and think of what they have in common.  They do whatever they want, whenever they want and for whatever reason they want. 

It is a good start. 

They do not worry about what others say.  Being liked does not occur to them. 

Those are traps set by others to keep others, many ladies, in a certain place.  We see this portrayal of  "nice" women and "bitchy" women on television and we are swayed by what appears to be the prevailing public opinion that nice (victimy) is better because...don't be a bitch.

But what television does not show, because it would take too much time, be a lot of work and be impossible since she is impossible to pin down, is the villain who is intriguing because she can be anything, nice or nasty, good or bad, devilish or angelic...with abandon.  That girl has a future. 

That is your future.

She is the epitome of freedom and power, mystery and intrigue, full-bodiedness and subtlety.  She is scary in the most beautiful way. 

So, go practice.  Start now. 

Decide when to speak for strategic purposes, not because you are scared but because you are smart.  When you do speak, find the way, (out of millions) that suits you best and gets you what you want, when you want. 

Get angry (controlled anger) if you want.  Get recklessly angry when necessary. 

Whatever you do, NEVER think about being liked unless you want to feel the power drain out of you like a battery with no charge.

See you villains later...  ;)






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