The Brand

Pretty cannot compare...

The other day, on a reality competition show, a woman was unhappy, distraught even, because she was never considered "pretty"... 

But, here's the thing.  "Pretty" is not a choice. Every luxury girl knows that what defines her in every moment are her choices...and nothing else.  

Her choices determine whether she is interesting, thought-provoking, eloquent and elegant. 

Her choices determine whether she is well-mannered and wild, worldy and riveting.

Her choices determine whether and what to give, when...and to whom.

Her choices determine whether she is excellent in her pursuits as well as her style of dress.

Her choices determine what languages she speaks and with whom she surrounds herself.

Her choices make her beautiful and pretty just cannot compare...


This is going to be a good summer... See you then. 💋🕶💋




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