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Set the tone and do not..


One of the first, if not the first, things a luxury girl will do when she meets someone is to set the expectations, the tone, the agenda for how she will be treated, what the boundaries are and how amenable or not she anything.


Because, through her experiences in non-profit boardrooms or at networking events, for example, she has learned a truth, almost cliche and ubiquitous but nevertheless never truer: what one allows persists and starting from the very first encounter.  With this in mind, she puts her decisions into action up front. 

The time where anyone else might attempt to be pleasing and "likeable", she makes it a point to care not at all about such things.  Where anyone else might care about first impressions, she cares about impressing her will and needs on others, her will to be serious, her need to be understood from the very outset.

Some might say it all sounds too much.  It may be.  But, for clarity, the alternative should be considered.  For those girls who have tried "likeability" in Hollywood, for example, they have seen enormous pay gaps with their interests subverted because they chose "friendly" and cute over gravitas and an unfaltering cool quality to their engagement style.  They have seen less respect for their enormous talents and requests to compromise their principles and boundaries.

The luxury girl will choose a different path, one less traversed, one full of challenges to stay committed, strong and determined.  It may, and likely will, involve smiling less, if at all, and...never up front or first.  It may require embracing and enjoying normally uncomfortable things like tension, pressure and the unknown.  

She will choose that path, adorned in the best, of course, because she knows that on the other end of it is her everpresent and insatiable desire for continued growth, strength, beauty and the all important intimidation factor that will win her all the power and influence over her environment that her daring heart is fated to possess...

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