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She can have it all...


A luxury girl can have it all...

It just depends on what she wants.  And, despite what society, in all its varied forms says, luxury girls, in general, do not want the same things.  

Who has not heard the stereotype about every girl's dream? The one about getting married and by a certain age?  The one about having a certain age?  No matter what, she is always being told what she has to do, by when and that she cannot have it all.

I beg to differ.

Having it all is not necessarily any one thing. Girls, luxury girls in particular, are varied, multi-faceted, unique.  They speak in different voices, live unique lives, see the world in shades that no one else can see.  

So, how could they all possibly want the same things out of life?  It's impossible.

Conformity is not their specialty.  Following the "rules", the status quo, does not sit well with them.  Listening to what others think has its limits for them.  That is because they have agency, which means they have choices, so many choices, and they will exercise them in the ways that please them, for good or for ill.

Society needs to catch up.  It needs to let go of the stereotypes, the cliches about girls. 

But, if it doesn't?  It doesn't matter...because...

...these girls, they are wanton and reckless and specific and measured, intelligent and undiminishable and so much more in between.  They adorn themselves in and surround themselves with the best of the best.  

With these qualities of power and pure natural will to be themselves, it could never possibly be one size fits all.



Until next time...  💋



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