The Brand

A luxury girl does not care about anything...

 ...that has to do with another person's opinion of her life, decisions, actions, image or status. Other people's opinions are simply none of her business. 

Her business, the business with which she is preoccupied 24 hours a day, every day of the week, is the enterprise of living. She is responsible for that life. She is the caregiver of that life.

Only she has the authority to create of the world the life that she uniquely wants to live. If she cared about other's opinions of her, a notion that is unimaginable, distasteful even, to her, none of this could be true.

What a life might mean to her is deciding to take a year in Paris to continue the studies she started at a prestigious law school in New York. 

It might mean sacrificing and struggling as an entrepreneur, testing her limits against life, dancing, tussling with it, extracting from it the respect she deserves.

It might mean marrying strategically so as to continue her exponential growth with the person that will grow with her evermore.

It might mean buying and selling, mergers and acquisitions, KSR Love Gold Investment Bars and fabulous jewelry.

All of the things a life without caring might mean, she is the arbiter of, the final decision maker...and it means freedom, a freedom she has never known life without.

Freedom, baby, pure freedom, freedom to move as she alone desires, unencumbered, without indecision, hesitation, without doubt.

It's her gold and diamonds, walks under the stars with her puppy, music that touches her soul, work that moves her, art that challenges her, people that excite her...

So, now you know why she does not care.  Call it what you will.

Call it cold.  Call it heartless.  Call it unfeeling. Call it selfish, self-centered and entitled.

Please do call it whatever comes to mind but do make sure to call it what it is to her: powerful.

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