The Brand

she who hesitates...

won't get what she wants. 

ladies, never be afraid to ask. it is the one thing that so many are afraid to do...but not you. you know it's the gateway to the life you want, the skills you want to learn, the knowledge you expect to gain, the negotiation you want to happen.

but it comes through pushing through fear, the fear of being told no. you know that "no" is the worst that could happen. the best that could happen? the sky is the limit. that's the beauty of it. hearing "no" is not so bad but the potential of gain from asking and getting a yes is limitless and that's the position you want to be in.

make no mistake. people much older than you do not do this. don't assume that others have tried and failed because you would be mistaken. many have not tried and therefore will never know that feeling of getting exactly what they want and more.

but, not you. you will know because you are fearless and determined, undaunted and undeterred by tough looking people with gruff voices and stern faces that attempt to stand in your way. it is of no consequence.

this is so because once you have decided to ask, everything becomes strategy to be calculated. how to ask, when to ask, where to ask become your dominant thoughts. these thoughts and their execution are where the fun really begins. happy hunting.

see you soon. 🐩🖤


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