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Since when did women and girls decide that a thin woman in a bikini on tv or in an ad could make them feel bad about themselves?  Since when did our self-worth come from somewhere outside of us?

Why is it not okay to look at a Victoria's Secret model and say she is beautiful without implicating yourself in some way, in a "if she is, then I'm not" kind of way?  What does she have to do with you?  Anything?

And, are we so turned around that, instead of working on what is bothering us about ourselves that we could fix, we go after companies and tell them to, demand that they, change?

But, here's the rub and the place where power comes in.  Those feelings, anger at the model and the magazines, have nothing to do with the Sports Illustrated model.  She is beautiful.  Leave her to it.  

Her body does not implicate yours in any way.  It also has nothing to do with "body-shaming" brands. Looking at a worked out body in a company's ad could never make you feel bad about your body unless you already did.  

So, build your own power instead of trying to change others. Do exactly what you need to do to feel good and well.  

Work out or not. Eat better or not.  Take yourself out and treat yourself well.  Decide that you are everything.  

Then, start an Instagram page or a brand that caters to women that you want to see because you truly want to see them and not because you do not want to see a worked out one.  That is your power.






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