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Summer, fun, luxury...and work

If you glance at ads or television shows that include snippets of what the "luxury life" looks like, it would appear that girls of luxury do not do much of anything at all during the summer, except languishing on some island or at the latest hotspot destination.

Not so for a luxury real life...

That is, a luxury girl, like all girls, is smart, intense, unyielding and bold.  But, what will always set her apart is her desire, her work.  Cliches about who she is supposed to be, her image, from within and outside of her circle, hold no sway over her.  

And, the work, encompassing many things, necessarily is not itself cliche.  Expansive, self expressive, daring, fun, substantive, it is what she needs to grow, build her legacy, breach perceived limits, thrive...with beautiful jewelry on, of course.

In place of needing to show mastery over how to hold a wine glass, she wants to master the art of learning a new culture, a new language and the new way of perceiving life that comes with it.  

In place of time working on an image for social media, she wants to dig in to Ayn Rand, Proust.

In place of needing to be seen at the latest event, the hottest event is where she shows up for anonymous acts of philanthropy, goes to create original pieces of writing or art...

What it is about for her is showing up for her life and honoring her luxury girl spirit, without which she would not be the striking, wild force of nature that is her natural trademark.

Nothing in the above could ever include languishing on vacay because it's summer.  It's simply not her m.o.


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