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#Sundaystandout #EverySunday Tennis prodigy @naomiosaka keeps...

Go To Post     #Sundaystandout #EverySunday Tennis prodigy @naomiosaka keeps showing the world how to get it done and get it done right, with honesty, integrity and also clarity.. She used her platform at this year's #usopentennis not to bring attention to her enormous talent and stunning #tennis 🎾 skills, even though you couldn't miss it. Instead she did the hard thing, the thing that could cost her endorsements in this tense environment over race. Money, it could cost her 💰💵. And yet, she did it anyway. And, year upon year, she comes with the goods, teaches the lessons and backs it up with the talent, hard work and dedication. 2 years ago it was her humility and vulnerability, tears on court and, in keeping with her culture, bows to her opponent and the booing crowd in the face of a controversial win over Serena Williams that moved me and all of us. She made me a supporter that day. Then it was her refusal to be labeled as only one race, Japanese, when she is also and equally black Haitian. #mixed #mixedrace Now, in her statement against racial injustice (by wearing masks with the names of black male and female victims of police brutality and/or questionable police conduct), she is growing into this quietly confident, powerful woman who lets her actions speak in place of words. Clear, clean, unmistakable messages.. Those are the messages I want to send. What about you? We love how you move, #NaomiOsaka.. NaomiOsaka #NYC #mixedrace #culture #haitian #japanese usopentennis usopenchampion #proud #USOpen #heritage #legacy #powerfulwoman


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