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The way to edgy is not...

smoke coming out of your mouth or middle fingers to the world in pictures on Instagram. In fact, it is the opposite.  

Not only do certain behaviors demonstrate a "following the herd" and "what everyone else is doing on Instagram" mentality but it also shows a lack of creativity.  

It is a "hey, see me as edgy" get rich quick scheme or the "I smoke weed therefore I am edgy" thought process.  

No effort or thought or real controversy is required. In short, it is cliche.  

And does it equate to edgy?  Not so much, in my opinion.  In fact, not at all...unless you are bringing something else to the table.    

So, what is it going to be?  That non-cliche approach to whatever it is you are doing or are? Where does it start?

It starts with questioning everything you see and hear.  It starts with developing a taste for things independently of what everyone else is doing or trying to market to you.  It starts with refusing to be taken in...unless you want to be and know why.  

Question others and question yourself...and then decide.  Decide if you want something different.  

Decide if you can do better.  Decide if your thinking is superior to what is being pushed out by others.

After all of this, then you must take decisive action and do different, If necessary.

So few approach life in this way but it is one of the keys to everlasting power...  💋💅🌹


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