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There is a powerful, wildly...

Go To Post     There is a powerful, wildly popular singer/entertainer who talked about generational curses not so long ago. Curse, you might say? Yep. Those behaviors, beliefs, ways of seeing yourself and the world, that were "passed" down to you by family through being around them, exposed to them, vulnerable to them because you were young and repeating what you saw and heard. In her family, her mother was cheated on. Her mother's mother was cheated on. She was being cheated on. She had had enough. So, she pointed to what she thought the issue was. A generational curse. It was being passed down, she believed. The acceptance of a cheating lover, the behavior of allowing it and always working it out (sometimes with a smile), was being passed down through the generations and it ultimately was passed down to her. She decided that, with her, the curse would be broken. She decided to dedicate much needed space, public album space, to helping her break the curse, by talking about it...and openly. I have things that were passed down to me that, as a powerful woman, I am breaking. What about you? What curses are you breaking? Lmk. 🙏🏼🍨


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