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Marching is good.  Marching is great, even. But, we girls and women cannot believe that this is our only power, one day a year, as some seem to think.  It is dangerous to our growth to believe this because it is not.

Marching is not our only power.  It is not even close to the strongest one.  

One of our strongest powers is the ability to say "no", without equivocation.  No one ever tells us girls this but saying "no" is a powerful move. It is real, life-sized action.

So, how do we do it?  How do we say no? For some, many of us, this is a particularly difficult power to cultivate.  That is because we like to be liked.  

But, understand this: wanting to be liked diminishes, extinguishes power, like a lighted candle in a hurricane.

Jennifer Lawrence came to understand this concept so well and the consequences of wanting to be liked as she wrote in her open letter about salary differences in Hollywood. We do not hear enough of what she understands now...

Not needing or wanting to be liked ➕ Saying no when you want = Having superhuman Wonder Woman (or Harley Quinn)-sized POWER.  The opposite is true too...

So, how do you, how do we, do it?  How do you say (sweetly, politely or aggressively and directly or something in between) "NO"?  

You practice.  Every day.  You get in touch with what you want in each moment and decide if it is a go or a no go.  If you do not want to do it, it is a "no".  That's it.

And, this is not for special occasions, ladies. Do it at/with the supermarket, the gym, the manicurist, the hairdresser, your school, your job, your boyfriend.

When you do this, this real life power move, and learn how to do it in the way that suits you best, watch out world.  You will have arrived.

Power on 10... 💣💥💥💥


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