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Today, I went back and...

Go To Post     Today, I went back and forth about whether to post about my experience on 9/11. I've barely talked about it much less posted about it.. I was living in LA and had been home in NY on a family visit. I was flying back to LA on 9/11, in the morning, New York to Los Angeles. But, I had been complaining that I wanted to stay a little longer. I had missed my family and NY. Still, I had decided to go since changing my flight would have cost a small fortune. It was my father who heard that I had wanted to stay longer who took me personally to the travel agent on 9/10, the day before. He insisted that I should change my ticket and insisted on taking me personally to the travel agency to do so. It was changed to another flight, maybe a week later. We woke up the next morning to planes going from New York to Los Angeles, crashing into the World Trade Center. I don't know what that meant for me, whether it meant everything or whether it meant nothing, whether I would have missed that terrible event that day...or not. In the not knowing, I do know that I remember feeling stunned and also grateful for an unusually insistent father the day before 9/11. Feeling so grateful for having more time, if you believed the worst outcome would have been mine that day. And, with that time that I have been grateful for, this brand was born. It has been a struggle at times. And with this brand, I intend to bring my vision for it to life (haven't quite gotten there yet), fulfill my purpose in every way I am supposed to and make you happier for it. To fulfill your purpose, that is my September 11, 2020 wish for everyone. 🖤


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