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A Viewpoint - Powerful Girls Must Have One...

It will make you more dangerous.  It will make you more feared.  It will also make you more desirable to yourself and others...and more powerful.  So, develop a viewpoint ladies, on the world, on what you see, on what you do.

In order to do this, you must step outside of your comfort zone, whatever it is, and continue growing and experiencing.  Go talk to people you have never talked to before or would never have imagined talking to.

Go places you have never been, a church, an art gallery, an animal shelter, a town hall meeting, a new town, etc...  Then, listen to the newness.

Take it in.  Challenge yourself to absorb it all and be an equal participant and witness to it.

You must be a participant in the world to develop nuanced, intelligent viewpoints or opinions of your own.  Remember that everybody and everything has something to teach you about life or yourself.

So, go study the world. Visit the next town over.  Take in a performance at Lincoln Center.  Find a new culture in your city or town and experience it.  Ask questions.  Be interested.

Me?  As a New Yorker, I have been to Paris, London, Switzerland, Scotland but I have never been to New Jersey.  I want to go. I want to learn about New Jerseyans, everything there is to know.  I am excited.

So, whatever you need to do to learn and grow a viewpoint or a new one, do it...with abandon. It will only make you better, stronger, more knowledgeable, scarier and...most of all, more powerful.  

Because a girl with a viewpoint?  Watch out...





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