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Be Ready To Walk Away

When should we walk away from what does not serve us? From what no longer feels right? From what never felt right?  

No one can tell us.  Only we know.  But "when" is not the real issue for us, ladies.  

The real question for us is "Are we ever willing" to walk away?

Oftentimes the answer is no, we are not.  We are scared.  Scared of looking mean or rude, even when the person is not treating us well, be it a boyfriend, friend or boss.  Scared of our power.

Therefore, we are always looking to give second and third chances to people who do not deserve it.  Always looking to see the "good" in others.

But, here's the irony and the rub.  The people we want to be "nice" to know they do not deserve a second chance.  When they get that second chance from us, we are now considered weak in their eyes and...

now the problems really begin.  

So, let's be ready to walk all times. Have that power at the ready.  

People will sense that power, that power which has nothing at all to do with being nice.  When they do sense it, it is much harder for them to want to walk all over us. Why?

Because they know, they know, without a shadow of a doubt, that we will walk away...and they do not want that. 







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