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Not Your Mother's Power.

It is not the same.  It's just not.  Power for women, that is. Power is not the same as it was yesterday or a year ago or 5 years ago.

It used to be that power meant conforming to a rigid structure and hierarchy.  Women had to dress in "power suits" (in blue, black or grey) and be as "masculine" as possible to fit in. They had to hide their femininity for fear of not being taken seriously. They had to appear less ambitious for fear of offending the powers that be.

Now, power has a different look to it.  A powerful woman might be in a jeans jacket, lbd and sneakers, checking her stock portfolio in the park or she might be in heels and a beautiful dress, long hair perfectly coiffed, negotiating her way through her latest deal to grow her tech brand.  She does not need to appear in corporate America, climb the corporate ladder or "break the glass ceiling" as her only option to attain success.  No.  And she dresses how she wishes.

With technology and ever increasingly diverse ways to make money and make things happen, women now have choices that women in the past never had.  And, a girl can now make choices her mother never dreamed of.  It is a beautiful thing.

However, it is time for all women and girls to see those choices for what they are.  They must start thinking like an entrepreneur, in options and possibilities, quickly and dynamically.  Stop watching television.  It will not show women what they can do.  That's okay.  

Take the reigns.  Fight looking for someone else to tell you where the options are, on television, ad campaigns or elsewhere. Create your own personal opportunities and goals to struggle for.  Live with abandon, in business and life.  It is all too possible.

Good luck.







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