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Work on yourself

So often so many of us ladies want attention from others, want compliments and fans. Or, in other cases, we just feel unsatisfied or that something is missing.

Something IS missing.  But, to find out what that thing is, we need to do the hard (or easy) work of...working on ourselves.

Most likely a need for "likes" stems from not utilizing our skills, gifts and talents fully, if even at all.  We do not feel fulfilled because we are not competitive in life even though we have a competitive nature, for example.

Or, we are stuck in a job that requires us to be the same all the time when we are adaptable and built for an ever changing environment.

So, the first step in utilizing our strengths discover them.  

But how?

There are books we can read and tests we can take online that will support our learning more about ourselves.  Or, another way is to just go live or travel or both attention.

Still another is to ask trusted people what they see as we pay attention to us too.

Then, and only then, can we move towards a life that will make our hearts sing and make us feel a stillness and power that we never, ever dreamed could be so good.

So, let's turn off the tv and go learn piano or drums.  Take courses, be it art or coding. Learn to swim or dance. Teach yoga or fencing.  

Learn a few more languages.  Run for city council or mayor.  Learn to drive stick shift. Eat alone in a restaurant or go to a movie by yourself.  Drive across the country or to the next few cities.  Just go do. 

And, whatever we do, commit and get there, where we need to be, where we need to be to feel whole.

Once we explore and discover ourselves more fully, the compliments people give us will only be an echo of those things we already know to be true.  The "likes" will be icing on the proverbial cake.  That is power.  



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