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KSR Silver Covered in 18k Gold Defining Words "BEAUTY" Ring

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"What you see when you look at me is you" - signed BEAUTY

What is beauty? Is it the shape of the lips, the color of the eyes, the lift of the cheekbones, the softness of the skin? Or, viewed another way, is it a baby taking her first steps, puppies at play or a girl in New York opening the doors to her first offices? Is it all of the above? 

Solid silver coated in gorgeous 18k yellow gold, the Beauty is everything you want in a piece. Aesthetically, it resembles the lines and form of New York's iconic skyscrapers. Visually, it is a statement maker with 2 of the word wrapping around your finger in a celebration of all that you are.

Go ahead and prioritize your exquisite beauty in the Beauty ring. Enjoy.

*Available in solid 18k gold. Please inquire for pricing.