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KSR Silver covered in 18k Gold Defining Words "NOPE" Ring

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"For the unreserved clarity of it all." - signed NOPE

Irreverent, unanticipated, and edgy, the NOPE ring is everything you need and want to evoke playful seriousness, a rare but effective combination. Tailor made for the New Yorker who does not play small, inspired by the girl living in the most challenging environment in the world, NYC, who is thriving and expertly manuevering the pitfalls that come with success, adventure and wholehearted risk taking.

All of this while firmly, wisely and perhaps playfully delineating the boundaries that she requires. For her, for you, it is a feeling of unparalleled power and influence, that stems from the boldness, allure and strength in one's convictions, in knowing what you will and will not accept, in the courage to say NOPE, which the concept of this word represents.

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*Available in 18k gold. Please inquire for pricing.