The Brand


Created by a woman who, so far in her life, has been..a graduate of the University of Southern California Gould School of Law (USC Law)...and many more things. She has clerked for a prominent Family Law judge as well as been a successful fundraiser for a prominent Los Angeles museum. She has been an artist herself, drawing everything she sees on anything she sees, including gold bars and school desks. She has been a tennis coach and tennis player. She has been a model and actor. She has been a mom to an amazing dog and cat, at the same time. She has lived in France, learning the French language and meeting the French president along the way. Enamored with the many cultures of the world, she has also traveled elsewhere to Switzerland, England and Scotland. And, now, in her latest incarnation, she is an entrepreneur and designer, while learning piano and attempting Japanese.

However, in everything she has done, from the beginning until now, one constant has remained and that is her desire to inspire girls and support other women. More than almost anything, she has wanted to share the message that girls should give themselves all of the options that they can, seek every opportunity for self-advancement and knowledge available, capture every moment of joy and happiness, devise their own path following their own wildest inclinations, live a bewildering life worth exalting. She has wanted girls to manufacture the life of their dreams, through their choices and their indomitable will. This is the spirit in which SEBR jewelry, designed and brought to life in New York's famed Diamond District, is made. This is the concept imbued in every necklace, ring and bracelet. This is the SEBR way. 

It is equally important to note, and she would like you to know, that there will be challenges and obstacles, hinderances and roadblocks. This is how it is supposed to be. There is not much growth when times are good. The "bad" times, however, are where a girl is finely chiseled into a superb form that can withstand and conquer just about anything. This is where the growth is, so do not despair. This is where a living, breathing life is. Take a stroll over to and our blog, found here, to see more of the message of encouragement, tough love and fun from the brand. They will not disappoint.

With regard to the pieces themselves, SEBR is a luxury brand created, in every detail, for a woman. The first collection under the brand, LQH collection by KSR, is a celebration as it pays homage to a woman and the glorious city in which she lives, New York City.  From the gorgeous, curving, continuous lines of each piece and their heavy, sumptuous quality to the trademarked Loves motif, stamped on every lovely ring, exquisite medallion and marvelous bracelet, the collection speaks to her power, her edginess, her self-expression and her beauty.

Forming a complete square of which at least one letter of each love is a part, completing another, until the square is fully enclosed and unbreakable, the Loves design, in particular, is the symbol of a woman's incontrovertible self-love.  It is a depiction, in toto, of that unmitigated and unqualified, perfect love for self.  It is her absolute authority, her infinite confidence, her unbounded creativity, her indomitable will.    

In all of this, the SEBR brand is made here in New York's legendary Diamond District. It is made to order. Most importantly, it is made for you. 


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