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KSR 18k gold "BEAUTY" Ring

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"What you see when you look at me is you" - signed "BEAUTY".

The gorgeous 18kt gold "BEAUTY" ring by KSR is everything you want in a piece. Visually, it resembles the lines and form of New York's iconic skyscrapers. But, really, it is a statement maker in 18k gold that will make you feel on top of the world.

Go ahead and prioritize your exquisite beauty in our solid 18k gold "BEAUTY" ring.

The "BEAUTY" ring can also be worn on an 18k gold chain, as shown.


Free ground shipping is offered in the U.S. on all orders $500 and over.

Available in white 18kt gold, yellow 18kt gold and rose 18kt gold. Also available as a pinky ring.

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